A few comments from my lovely clients

Karen from London talks about her experience of working with me and how the Well Woman Reset Package has supported her. 

"I have followed Suzie on Instagram for a number of years and have always enjoyed her content. I decided to sign up for her Well Woman Reset Package, as I had lost my mojo and had gotten into some bad habits in lockdown. I felt lethargic, unmotivated and tired. I was eating mindlessly and was bored with my food choices. Making the same dinners and lunches all the time and had piled on weight in lock down.

I’ve found Suzie’s approach very calming and genuine. She has a passion to help people with their nutrition and improve their lifestyles. She’s very authentic and enthusiastic when talking to me. 

Suzie takes a holistic approach and has helped me with the importance of getting a good nights sleep. This, in turn, has helped me to get up early to go for a walk and exercise, which in turn has helped me make better choices with food throughout the day.


Since working with Suzie, I have been given some delicious, healthy, wholesome recipes which I am really enjoying, I am more mindful about what I eat and when I eat and I have made gradual changes to my lifestyle which are helping me to be a happier and more productive person.


I feel like she has given me the tools to help me to get onto the path I want to be on. I feel more positive, focused, clear and motivated to achieving my goals since working with Suzie. 


I feel very comfortable talking to and working with Suzie, knowing she is authentic and genuinely wants to help make a difference to the people’s lives she works with.

Lin shares her experience after undertaking my 6 week Reset Course.  

"Hello, my name is Lin. I have been following Suzie’s Healthy Living on both Facebook and Instagram and decided to take the plunge and join her 6 week Healthy Living Plan this year. 

I’m 54 years young and hit that dreaded part of life THE MENOPAUSE. I suffered with, sleepless nights, anxiety, no energy, basically the thought of facing the day was a challenge on its own.

The journey with Suzie has been amazing. I’ve tried every diet going and can honestly say this has been the most enjoyable, easiest lifestyle change I’ve ever made.

This is not a diet, it’s a new outlook to life in every possible way.  Healthy eating, understanding what your eating and how your body needs essential food for fuel, how to work the body and mind. 

Suzie follows you every step of the way.  The information and stages she takes you through are so informative and non pressuring. I can honestly say that this lifestyle change has been so rewarding, self satisfying and has opened my world to a new way of what food is all about, how I look at what I choose to eat and need to eat.

Suzie takes you on a journey of self worth, taking care of yourself and feeling amazing both inside and out. Her daily quotes keep you going and makes you feel special.

I’m so glad that I decided to take this challenge on, and will continue my new lifestyle as it has truly been the best thing I’ve ever done.

During the 6 week challenge I managed a 7lb weight loss and 4 ½ inch body reduction. My sleepless nights are no longer, the energy I now have is just wonderful, I actually wake up and feel like “morning day, let’s get going.” 

I’ve even started doing exercises at home.  If anyone knows me, I am the last person who would even contemplate doing that.  But yes I do 3 days 15-20 min home work out, nothing to strenuous and now jig around the house doing my daily hose work. 
I know this journey will not just end here, as Suzie, I’m sure will always be checking in both as a mentor and friend.

Thank you Suzie for all you support and guidance, you truly have made a change in my life and I will continue to move forward on this journey.

“I really enjoyed Suzie's 30 Day Reset programme.

She broke down various areas of wellness into really manageable areas to address.


I loved having a focus each week, and particularly enjoyed trying out new recipes and ways of building exercise into my day.


I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my energy levels, and although I wasn’t aiming for weight loss, I ended up losing a couple of inches from around my waist that has stayed off, so that was an unexpected bonus!


Suzie is really knowledgeable and generous with the amount of information she shares."


Catherine, Tunbridge Wells

“"Working with Suzie has been fantastic. After years of failed attempts at diets, I turned to Suzie for a tailored 1:1 program.

Suzie helped me understand about nutrition and the effects it has on my health. She introduced achievable simple steps to help me adopt new healthier habits that will last....


Because it has been introducing new habits and not about restriction or taking things away, the plan has been easy to stick to. As a result, I have lost inches, have more energy, sleep better and have fewer migraines!"


Alison, Lincolnshire