I have listed a few questions that may come to mind, but if you have anything more specific, please get in touch with me.

What specific qualifications do you have?

I hold a Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach from the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin. I have also completed courses with the London School of Intuitive Eating (LCIE) - Applying Intuitive Eating and Non-Diet Approaches in Practice and IHS Fundamentals of Plant-based Nutrition. I am currently studying for a Certification in Personalised Sports Nutrition and will be qualified as a Sports Nutrition Practitioner upon completion.

Where will consultations take place?

There is the option to meet in person or online.

Face to Face: Consultations can take place at my home address in Marden, Kent or a location near to you. If you are London-based, there is also scope to meet at a therapy room in London, near London Bridge station. Please note there will be an additional cost for travel over 5 miles from my home location.

Online: Consultations can take place online using Zoom, which is a great option if you have limited time.

How does the role of a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach differ from a Nutritional Therapist or Dietician?

Unlike a Nutritional Therapist or Dietician, an NLC cannot do the following: I cannot carry out symptom analysis, diagnose or treat any named medical conditions. I am not able to remove any food groups from your diet or recommend biomedical testing. I cannot diagnose nutrient deficiencies or provide any testing.

Whilst I like to be clear about these boundaries, rest assured, there are many areas where I can support you!

As an NLC, my scope focuses on whole health and supporting body systems:

  • I can give advice on healthy eating and lifestyle choices to improve or optimise health and wellbeing

  • I can develop healthy eating programmes for individuals and groups

  • I can educate and motivate individuals or groups towards lifestyle change that enhances quality of life

  • I can support different body systems e.g. the digestive, endocrine, nervous systems etc… looking at your whole health

  • I can identify where your diet may be sub-optimal in certain nutrients and imbalances may exist

  • I can help you vary your diet and support you if you have already chosen to exclude a certain food group

Are you able to recommend supplements?

Yes, I am able to recommend over-the-counter supplements. However, I am unable to recommend supplements if you are on a prescribed medication. The emphasis is always on optimising micronutrients through nutrition first.