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Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach DipNLC

Hello! I’m Suzie I am a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and stay at home mum to two young boys. I live in the village of Marden, in the beautiful Kent countryside. 


I hold a Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching from the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin. I’m also working towards an IHS certification in Personalised Sports Nutrition. 


After spending over 20 years working as a research analyst and writer in the fields of advertising and market research, I am thrilled to be working in the nutrition, health and wellness sphere. 


Through my own wellness journey, I have discovered how valuable changes to diet and nutrition can be. Looking back, I never dreamt the journey would take me here to a new career! It's now my mission to help others discover the many benefits of investing in health and lifestyle change.   

My wellness journey…


In early 2016, the combination of motherhood and working life, plus the trauma of past miscarriages, was really taking its toll on my body and mind. The baby weight from my second child still hadn’t ‘dropped off’ and I was eating all the wrong things. I was relying on a lot of processed, convenience foods plus sugar and caffeine to keep me going. Mentally, I was consumed with anxiety and really quite fragile. After being offered anti-depressants yet again, I couldn't help feel there was another way through this... 

Deep down, I knew I needed to make myself a priority. To find the time to work out, to drink more water and to invest time in cooking meals. I had some guidance, initially adopting the principles of Joe Wicks, the Body Coach. It was based on simple healthy eating principles: Eating nutritious meals made with whole foods, avoiding processed foods and making time for exercise. 

Over time, my energy levels surged, I lost weight and I felt the fog lifting from my mind. Little by little, I felt like I was getting me back. Changing my mindset was really important. I made health, fitness and strength the priority, as opposed to my weight. Adopting this mindset was a game-changer, enabling me to focus on the gains and look at the journey in a positive light.  


Almost four years on, I am still on my wellness journey and loving it! I eat a variety of foods, I have fallen in love with cooking, being in the kitchen and experimenting. I discovered that exercise really can be enjoyable, if you find something you love! 


I'm still amazed that making simple changes to what I eat and how I move can deliver so many benefits. It’s given me so much more energy, confidence and drive in life. Oh and a very exciting new career....


What is my Healthy Living ethos?

  • Healthy Living is about making YOU a priority.

  • Looking at ways to enhance your wellbeing to benefit both body and mind.

  • Exploring how best to fuel your body with foods that nourish and taste great.

  • Finding exercise and movement you love and understanding your body better.

  • Making consistent changes whilst living your life! You can make progress and achieve goals without being perfect. 

  • Building a positive mindset around your body, food and health.

  • It is a voyage of discovery - exploring what you need, what works for your body, enjoying new foods and quite possibly meeting other like-minded people along the way. 


“It was really helpful to have some targets to improve our eating and lifestyle”


- Abby, Maidstone

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Marden, Nr Tonbridge, Kent

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