Meet Suzie

Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach (DipNLC)

Hello! I’m Suzie, a Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach supporting women in the third age, going through the peri-menopause and beyond. 

I live in the village of Marden, in the beautiful Kent countryside, with my husband and two young boys, where I meet with face-to-face clients.  

After spending over 20 years working as a research analyst and writer in the fields of advertising and market research, I retrained and in 2019, began working in the nutrition, health and wellness sphere. 


My own health & wellness journey led me down this exciting new path. As a midlife mum, I discovered how life-changing and empowering nutrition and lifestyle change can be. So much so, that I decided I wanted to support other women in midlife and help them to discover the many benefits of investing in health and lifestyle change.   

My health & wellness journey…


In early 2016, the combination of motherhood and working life, plus the trauma of past miscarriages, was really taking its toll on my body and mind. At the age of 43, the baby weight from my second child still hadn’t ‘dropped off’ and I felt completely overwhelmed with how to get my body back and 'find me' again.


At the time, I was skipping meals and relying on a lot of processed, convenience foods, plus sugar and caffeine to keep me going. Mentally, I was consumed with anxiety and really quite fragile. 


I wasn't really aware at the time, but my body was actually starting to change as I entered into the perimenopause. Mood swings became more common and the things I would normally do to lose weight, such as dieting, well it just wasn't working anymore. 

Deep down, I knew I needed to make myself a priority and change my mindset. After decades of dieting and seeing my weight 'yo-yo' up and down, I needed a new approach. 


So I decided to focus instead on my health and to make me a priority. I made time to work out, to drink more water and to invest time in cooking home-made meals. I focused on simple healthy eating principles: Eating nutritious meals made with whole foods, avoiding processed foods. 

In the first few months my energy levels surged, I lost weight and I felt the fog lifting from my mind. Over time, I got back to feeling me again, but also found a new confidence. I also discovered new things about myself. I realised I love doing hiit workouts and strength training, but actually don't like running much. Exercise really can be enjoyable, if you find something you love! I have also fallen in love with cooking and experimenting with new foods and flavours. 


Now at the age of 47,  I'm still on my health & wellness journey, listening and learning to my body and working out how to nurture it. As I move through the perimenopause, there are definitely more challenges, so it is a learning curve, but one I feel better placed to navigate. 

My Healthy Living ethos in Midlife

  • Explore ways to enhance your health & wellbeing and learn what works for you during this period of your life. 

  • Make YOU a priority alongside work, family and other obligations. 

  • Understand how best to support your body with foods that nourish, taste great and support you through hormonal changes. 

  • Adapt your lifestyle and work on areas such as sleep and stress, which often become problem areas during the midlife years. 

  • Find exercise and movement you love and that works for your body. 

  • Live life to the full through balance. You can achieve your health goals without having a restrictive diet or being perfect 24/7.  

  • Feel comfortable in your own body. Find a weight that is the right size for you. 

  • Build a positive mindset around your body, food and health.

  • Ultimately, it is a voyage of discovery - listening to your body, exploring what you need, what works for you and what doesn't. 


  • IHS Diploma In Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching (Institute of Health Sciences)

  • 3rd Age Woman Peri-to Post Menopause Certification (Burrell Education) 

  • IHS Certificate in Stress Management

  • Intuitive Eating (London Centre for Intuitive Eating).

As a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, I adhere to the Scope of Practices from the IHS and UK Health Coach Association. Click on the links to view the full SoP.


“It was really helpful to have some targets to improve our eating and lifestyle”


- Abby, Maidstone