Feel your best in midlife: personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help you thrive

Free guide to help you 'Flourish in Midlife,' complete with a 3-day meal plan 

Hello, I'm Suzie

Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

I help women to thrive in their midlife years through making nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

My approach is designed to nourish your body and help you feel your best, at a time when energy levels can be low, stress can be high and many hormonal changes are taking place. 


Together we look at ways to move away from 'unhelpful habits' and build sustainable healthy habits that will not only improve your wellbeing today, but set you up to manage your health and weight in the medium-long term. 


Nourishing body and mind becomes all the more important as we move through our late thirties and into our 40s and 50s. Putting yourself high up on that priority list is more essential as we head into peri-menopause, when our bodies are naturally more nutrient-hungry!


Finding time to nourish your body, exercise and put yourself first can often feel like a herculean task! Believe me it is possible - with some knowledge, guidance and a helping hand.

Let me show you the way...

Get back to feeling more 'you' 

As we move through our forties, we can start to feel like we have less control over our bodies. We can gain weight more easily, feel more stressed and anxious, and previous strategies we had in place may not be working as well. 

There can be many reasons for this change: exercising less, eating more, dealing with more stress - all these can sabotage our efforts. You may feel compelled to diet to manage this change, but it can be counter-effective - lowering energy levels and robbing us of the nutrients we badly need. 

I can show you a better way to manage this change...

You can take back control by listening more closely to what your body needs, tapping into your hunger cues and energy needs throughout the day. Understanding the changes you are going through in peri-menopause and later menopause will also serve you well. Our bodies are even more dependent on nutrients at this stage in our life, as well as movement. Getting in touch with what your body needs, will help you thrive today and help you age well.  

Rest assured...you do NOT have to overhaul your diet and lifestyle to see the difference and feel the benefits. Simple changes can make a huge difference.  

Let me show you the way to feeling more you!

In addition to my packages, I offer a single 'power hour' session to get you started on your midlife health journey. 


Work with me

Power Hour


A one-hour 1:1 consultation where we will spend time discussing your midlife HEALTH GOALS, identifying the CHALLENGES you face, what might be holding you back and how you can OVERCOME these hurdles. 

You'll come away with a simple set of PRACTICAL STRATEGIES you can put in place straight away, to get you started on your health journey.   


 Requires you to fill in a questionnaire prior to the consultation.  



Well Woman 


Well Woman Reset is a 6 week 1:1 Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching program, giving you a tailored ACTION PLAN to nurture you back to feeling more you.    


Reset can help you improve ENERGY levels, deal with UNHELPFUL EATING HABITS, support you to manage STRESS, as well manage WEIGHT ISSUES.

MEAL PLANS are provided to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

You will have 2 COACHING SESSIONS to be used as and when you need them. Plus ONGOING CONTACT with me via messaging for the duration. 

Well Woman


Well Woman Plus+ is my 3 month 1:1 Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching program, including all the benefits of the RESET program, but will a full follow-up review 2-3 months after starting your plan. 


It is designed for those seeking LONGER-TERM COACHING SUPPORT. 


 In addition to your PERSONALISED NLC PLAN and MEAL PLANS, you will have 4 COACHING CALLS. These are designed to nurture you through change, dealing with set backs, and amending your plan to help you stay on track. 

"I had a consultation with Suzie to review my lifestyle - sleep, exercise, relaxation and of course diet, including my eating times. I never realised that finding the right balance of all these things is so important. It isn't just about your diet.

I would highly recommend a consultation and working with Suzie to develop a plan for you. She was extremely thorough and came back with an insightful review and tailored plan for me. 


You will be fascinated with what she knows and how small changes will make a big difference to how you feel. What's more she is extremely down to earth and practical with her approach.

- Natalie, Tunbridge Wells

Let me help you to...

  • Nurture your body in your midlife years, so you can live your best life

  • Feel energised throughout the day - no more highs and lows throughout the day

  • Overcome unhelpful eating habits that may be holding you back

  • Tackle mid-life weight issues and work on the root-causes behind it

  • Understand how your body is changing in peri-menopause/menopause + the nutritional & lifestyle support it needs

  • Manage stress and develop your resilience to it

  • Plan and create nutritionally-balanced meals that give you ALL the nutrients you need to thrive!

  • Lose weight without dieting 

  • Create sustainable long-term healthy habits that will help you age well 

  • Broaden the foods you eat and get inspired by new healthier recipes 

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