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Hello, I'm Suzie

Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

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I help women in midlife to increase energy, manage stress and feel their best during their midlife years and beyond. My approach to healthy living is designed to nourish your body and help you thrive, whilst supporting you to build sustainable healthy habits. 


Nourishing body and mind becomes all the more important as we move through our late thirties, into our 40s and 50s. Putting ourselves high up on that priority list is an essential, if we want to navigate our body's hormonal changes and take on life's many hurdles. 


I know life can be stressful when we are juggling work and family life. Finding time to nourish your body, exercise and put yourself first can often feel like a herculean task! It is possible though, with some knowledge, guidance and a helping hand.

Is Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching for you?

A personalised approach to improving your whole health and wellbeing. 

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching (NLC) is designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals by making small, incremental changes that are sustainable long term. 


Working with women in mid-life, I use this evidence-based, non-diet approach to look at your whole health and wellbeing, identifying the most achievable ways to support you reaching your health goals.  


Nutrition: Through a nutritional review of your diet, we identify imbalances in food groups and micronutrients. Our bodies need a variety of foods to thrive, so it’s about finding a balance and making dietary changes that can be integrated into your life, taking into consideration your individual preferences and lifestyle challenges. 


Lifestyle: Our bodies need a fine balance of sleep, movement, relaxation, stress and self-care to thrive, particularly during midlife. Often they hold us back or prevent us from achieving our health goals. In NLC, we explore these lifestyle elements and see how we can create specific, yet impactful changes to improve them.  

Coaching: Making changes can be hard when you’re doing it alone. Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching provides you with your very own support hero (that’s me!) to guide you on your journey. Together, we celebrate your achievements and work to overcome any obstacles you may face along the way. 


Well Woman Review

Take some time to assess what diet and lifestyle changes you can make to raise your energy levels, manage stress and feel your best.  

Review will help you to identify the specific changes that your body needs, from a nutritional and lifestyle perspective.  


 Includes a 60 minute 1:1 consultation with Suzie, giving you time to talk through and explore what your needs are. 

A summary report is provided after our consultation, giving you a full review, plus a series of tailored recommendations. 



Well Woman Reset

Well Woman Reset is a 4 week 1:1 Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching programme.

As the name suggests, this package gives you a chance to 'reset' and focus on putting you at the top of your priority list. 


Following my nutritional analysis, we create a personalised NLC plan, with small actionable steps, to support you to achieve your health goals.

Includes two coaching calls to monitor progress and support you on your journey. 

A tailored 7 week meal plan and recipe pack is included to help you put your changes into action.

Well Woman Plus+

Well Woman Plus+ is an

8 week 1:1 Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching programme, designed for those seeking ongoing coaching support. 


 We will create your personalised NLC plan, designed to help you achieve your health goals.


Four coaching calls take place in the 8-week period. These are designed to nurture you through change, deal with areas where you need extra support and help you stay on track. 

A full follow-up consultation will take place after 4-6 weeks, where we review progress and amend your plan accordingly. 

"I had a consultation with Suzie to review my lifestyle - sleep, exercise, relaxation and of course diet, including my eating times. I never realised that finding the right balance of all these things is so important. It isn't just about your diet.

I would highly recommend a consultation and working with Suzie to develop a plan for you. She was extremely thorough and came back with an insightful review and tailored plan for me. 


You will be fascinated with what she knows and how small changes will make a big difference to how you feel. What's more she is extremely down to earth and practical with her approach.

- Natalie, Tunbridge Wells

I can help you to...

  • Nurture and support your body in your midlife years

  • Prepare your body for peri-menopause and beyond

  • Feel energised throughout the day

  • Tackle mid-life weight issues and deal with the imbalances that may be causing them 

  • Build your resilience to stress 

  • Plan and create nutritionally-balanced meals

  • Lose weight without restrictive dieting 

  • Create long-term healthy habits 

  • Build the right kind of movement in to your daily life 

  • Focus on quality of food, not just quantity

  • Develop a positive mindset to food 

  • Get inspired by new healthy recipes 

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